Well, I've started again with a personal weather station (PWS) of sorts.  This is what you might call an "urban" PWS as it focuses on such things as indoor noise levels, air quality indoors and outdoors.  What it doesn't do, at least with the basic unit, is measure rainfall or wind direction and speed.  Most urban users have too many surrounding structures that cause areas of rain and wind"shade" to accurately measure these parameters.  Given that I now live in a condo, we also have rules that limit the sorts of things we're allowed to place in the common element areas.

This particular station is a Netatmo smart home weather station.  So far, I'm mostly pleased with its operation.  Setup was most easy and took no longer than 15 minutes.  I'm not happy that there is little external access to the data and that they don't share with Weather Underground any longer.  One thing you can do is add a rain gauge and an anemometer to the station but I probably won't be doing this.  The price is reasonable and the hardware seems well built and hardy.  I suppose we will see in the long term.  The station was put into operation on 16 September 2020.  Below is a map of Netatmo stations in the Central Florida area.  You can click on a temperature icon to get more detailed information from the station you've selected.